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When we stepped into the bedroom, you closed the door behind us. You saw that I was looking at myself in the full length mirror, slowly made your way to me, and hugged me from behind. You moved my hair out of the way and kissed the nape of my neck.

I leaned against you and tilted my head just enough to give you better access. In the mirror, I saw you watching me watching you knowing it was now.

You slid your hand down my body and then slid it back up under my shirt as my breath started to quicken. You smiled when your hand encountered no bra. The same hand slid down to rub my stomach and up again to flick or pinch my nipples in the same rhythm while the other was helping the arm anchor me against you.

My need for you was raising, and I knew yours was raising for me to because I could feel your erection against my ass. I was aware, however, the foreplay was far from over when the hands switched roles. I hung my head a moment before leaning it against your shoulder knowing I was giving you full control.

It was a continuous and torturous pattern until it got worse. Your hand slid up my skirt. The hand slip under my underwear to flick and pinch my clitoris.

I moaned in response and heard you chuckle. You kissed my nape again. “Enjoying this, aren’t you, pet?” you asked.


I felt a finger slipping in and out me as the thumb continued to play with the clitoris.

“So wet already,” you said and then stopped. You stepped back and I turned to watch you walk to the bed to pull out a box from under it. You took out a ballgag, nipple clamps, handcuffs, and a dildo. “And I haven’t even started yet.”

My eyes widened at the sex toys as you kicked the box back underneath the bed. You arranged them on the nightstand that was next to the bed.

I knew I could say something or even protest about any of this, but my curiosity got the better of me.

You looked up at me. “Nothing to say?”

I shook my head.

You walked over to me and leaned down to kiss me thoroughly as I start to wrap my arms around you, but your hands captured my wrists. You made me walk backwards until my back was pressed against the wall. You brought my wrists together, so one hand can hold them while the other hand roamed down my body. It traveled back to my clitoris, flicked and pinched.

“Please, Master,” I begged.

“Please, what?”

I looked up at you. “Please, Master, I need you,” I answered.

You stopped but still had a good grip on my hands. You leaned down to kiss me and then let me go.

I was about to collapse to the ground because my feet wouldn’t hold me anymore, but you caught me and brought me to the bed.

You made me sit up. “Take off your shirt.”

I watch you as I do as you say. When it was completely off, you had taken the handcuffs and ballgag off the nightstand.

“Open up.”

I open my mouth and you popped the ballgag in.

“Now lay down and hands above your head.”

Once again, I do as you say, and watched you put slide it one hand, the chain through the bar of the headboard. and cuffed the other hand.

I struggled to see how much give they had, and I realized it wasn’t much. As I examined the handcuffs, I felt your warm breath against a nipple before you took it into my mouth. You pinched and flicked the nipple that wasn’t in your mouth or you fondled the tit.

I moaned in response.

I was right on the edge of coming when you looked up at me and then switched to the torture on the other nipple and tit.

You used not only used your mouth, but you also used your tongue and teeth to tease my nipples and tits. You set a glorious and torturous pace before taking the next toy off the nightstand.

It was the nipple clamp. You smiled down at me before leaning back down to take my nipple into your mouth again to play with it one more time, and then you stopped to instantly put the nipple clamp on one.

I moaned when I felt the clamp take hold and you move to the other nipple to do the same. I understood the pattern, but I was too consumed with what I was feeling between my thighs. Where I wanted you most.

I felt the other clamp take hold on my nipple. You kissed me between the valley of my tits and felt the kisses lowering to my stomach, and then you had stopped.

You got up off the bed only to take off my skirt and underwear. I tried to help you as much as I can. When we finished with the struggle of the task, you laid me on my side facing the mirror. I didn’t understand what you were doing until you laid down behind me.

You moved the hair away from my neck and then kissed it. I saw you moved your hands between my tits and you made the same trail of where you had kissed me. This time, however, you didn’t stop.

I couldn’t take the anticipation anymore. I started being twitchy, and you used your legs to hold my legs down. I weakened a bit, but it might have been because I felt your erection against me.

I moaned at the realization you wanted me, but you already had me where you wanted me.

You trailed your hand, your fingers down my chest, my stomach. You rubbed and flicked your fingers against my clitorsis, and I couldn’t stop you. Even if I could, I wouldn’t be able to stop you.

I felt your fingers playing with my clitoris, and it wouldn’t stop. Maybe in that moment, I didn’t want it to. I gasped when I felt one of your fingers had slipped inside my pussy.

You chuckle as you continue to slip the finger in and out of my pussy. You flicked my clitoris with your thumb at your pleasure.

It was continuous torture, and I moaned knowing full well I couldn’t beg. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I moved in a mindless rhythm, but then you stopped. If I didn’t have the ballgag, I would’ve sighed with relief.

You laid me on my back once again.

I looked at you curious wondering what was in that head of yours and wondered what you were going to do next.

You then laid yourself on top of me and spread my legs with yours. You were still clothed, so I was highly confused on what you were doing. Even through them, I could still feel your erection against where I wanted you most. I wanted your cock inside me more than anything, but I could tell by the look in your eyes you weren’t done.

You levered yourself on your elbows, so you wouldn’t crush me. You smiled down at me, but didn’t say anything. You leaned down to kiss the valley of my tits, my stomach, abdomen, but hovered over my clitorsis.

You had your head between my legs and were holding those legs with your arms. I felt your hot breath on against my clitorsis, against my pussy. Even that was such an erotic feeling, it was too much with waiting.

Then finally, I felt your lips on it. It was too much, and I tried to keep still for fear of hurting you. I knew even though you were strong, I still could accidentally hurt you.

Your tongue slide down between the folds. I knew you were tasting my wetness. It was still too much when you kept a steady pace.

I felt your warm breath against my clitorsis, flicking it with your tongue. Sliding your tongue in and out of my folds and up against my clitorsis in such of torturous pattern. It was too much for me because I started being twitchy again and there were tears in my eyes.

Then you were sliding up. Kissing in much the same way you did earlier, but in the opposite direction. When you were laying on top of me with you using your elbows propping you up, I felt your cock lying against my needy clitorsis.

When I looked up at you, you smiled at me. “That’s what you want most, isn’t it?” you asked me. “Me inside you?”

I nodded.

You kissed my forehead before getting up off the bed to remove your own clothes. I watched you as you did so. Waiting pliant and impatiently.

I stared at your erection knowing it was going to be inside me where I wanted it most, but I was confused because you didn’t just climb back on top of me again. You walked to the nightstand. Instead of the dildo, I was expecting in your hands, it was the key to the handcuffs.

I gave you a weird look.

“We’re not done yet,” you told me as you leaned over to uncuff one hand, the left one. Then you cuffed the loose one back to a bar of the bed post, so I wouldn’t get any ideas.

You took my hand and brought it to your cock. You made me wrap my hand around you. Then you took your hand away, and when I started to do the same, you said, “Keep your hand there. Don’t do anything else.”

I did, but I looked up at you in confusion when I knew what I was holding also wanted to be inside me.

“This is what you want?” you asked me. “This is what you want inside of you?”

I looked down at my handing holding your cock and then back up at your face. I nodded and then looked up at you still holding it.

You gently disengaged my hand from your cock and then recuffed me to the headboard. “Nearly perfect,” you said as you laid your cock against my clitoris and started rubbing.

I groaned because this was the last torture I needed. I just wanted your cock inside me. If I wasn’t gagged, I would’ve been begging.

I felt your cock rubbing against my clitorsis continuously. It was glorious torture, and I was so wet it wasn’t even funny. If I had the ballgag out of my mouth, I knew I would have been begging for mercy, but that was your point.

I finally felt your cock slide slowly inside me. I look up at you with uncertainty and then I felt the barrier gave way. I knew that’s why you were being so gentle and then you slid all the way inside me so very slowly.

I didn’t realize I was protesting until you were soothing me. “Shhh...” you were saying. “Your virginity was mine for the taking, pet.” You were saying things very similar to that. “From the first moment we met.”

You didn’t move to give me time to adjust to your thickness, and I didn’t dare because I didn’t want to feel any more pain.

You noticed I was starting to calm down, so then you slide your cock out of me.

I whined a little.

You chuckled at that. “You want me inside you, and then once I am, you don’t want me inside you,” you said. “Now, that I comply, you want me inside you again. Make up your mind, pet.” You had already grabbed a washcloth to clean the blood from my lost virginity. “You will feel only pleasure.”

You kissed my forehead before taking the final item off the dresser, the dildo. You laid back on the bed next to me and then shoved it very roughly inside me that I moaned. You turned it on medium as you slowly laid me back on my side as you watched me in the mirror.

You were positioned yourself behind and had laid one of your legs on top of my thigh, so I couldn’t wriggle the dildo out of me. Though that wasn’t the only reason you had positioned yourself there.

I could feel the wetness inside me as dildo did it’s job, but I could also feel your cock against my leg. I could feel your hands sliding up and down my body pinching, pulling, squeezing, and massaging my nipples, tits, and clitoris.

When I looked in the mirror, I could see you were enjoying the fact you were driving me crazy. I leaned against you as much as I can to give you better access.

“Enjoying yourself, pet?” you ask.

“Mmmmmm....” All I can say with the ballgag in my mouth.

You moved your hands up and down my body one last time before sliding your hand to the handle of the dildo. You took it in your hand and slowly slide it out of me. Then when it was almost all the way out of me, you roughly pushed it back in me. You had the same torturous rhythm.

“Don’t you dare cum,” you tell me because you know it could be a possibility that I could cum. “You need my permission.”

I moaned all the while knowing exactly what you were saying to me and why. I groaned and holding in my orgasm. I did a pretty good job of it too, and then suddenly the dildo was out of me. Then I was suddenly on my back with you on top of me.

You slid your hands under me and grabbed my ass and slammed yourself inside me.

I moaned at the sensation I could feel your cock ramming inside me again and again and again. I could feel the perspirations and the tension inside me from not cumming.

Then I felt hot warm liquid inside me, and I realized it was your cum. I knew then it was okay for me to cum. I moaned when I did.

I knew we were both trying to catch our breaths, but when you finally looked up at me, you smiled at me and then leaned over to kiss the area behind my ear.

Without taking your cock inside me, you took the keys to the handcuffs off the nightstand to unlock my hands and then unlocked the ballgag.

“Enjoy yourself, pet?” you ask.

“Yes, Master, I did,” I said. “Thank you.”

You smiled at me and reversed our positions. “You’re welcome, pet,” you said and then kissed me. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” I whispered as I laid my head down on Master’s chest and fell asleep to him stroking me.
My First Time
Written for my Master and he's given my permission to post this. It was given to him in parts, but I've combined all the parts in one.


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